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from IPython.core.display import Image


print("Welcome to Academic!")
Welcome to Academic!

Organize your notebooks

Place the notebooks that you would like to publish in a notebooks folder at the root of your website.

Import the notebooks into your site

pipx install academic
academic import 'notebooks/**.ipynb' content/post/ --verbose

The notebooks will be published to the folder you specify above. In this case, they will be published to your content/post/ folder.

Brianna Felegi
Brianna Felegi
Assistant Professor of Economics

My name is Brianna Felegi and I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Virginia Tech. I completed my Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Notre Dame in May 2023. My primary fields are Applied Microeconomics with an emphasis on the Economics of Education and Labor Economics. My current research agenda focuses on evaluating policies intended to increase access to schooling.